Industry Leading Features

SearchIQ’s SaaS solution gives you a scalable, best in class experience that is continually updated with the latest advancements in search technology

Integrate in as little as 10 minutes with our WordPress plug-in or Javascript code snippet

With simple installation and intuitive controls that don’t require an engineering degree to use, SearchIQ delivers search results and business results fast!

Feel free to skip the API and let our crawler keep your content up-to-date

No need to pay extra to leverage our robust crawling infrastructure; capable of indexing millions of pages an hour.

Features that meet the needs of a diverse range of business

Auto Dealerships
Corporate Portals
Media Discovery
Product Catalogs
Review Sites


Search-as-you-type feature shows users exactly what they are looking for, instantly.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A global content delivery network delivers content in under 20ms.

Content Block/Blacklist

Limit search results to specific pages, directories, posts, etc with crawler and result-level filters.

Customizable Design

Add you own CSS, or use the user-friendly editor to customize the look of your search experience.

Cross-Domain Search

Link and search across multiple sites. Track referring traffic and search keyword data.

Faceted Search

Provide a better browsing experience with user-controlled filters that automatically adapt to your content.

Multilingual Support

SearchIQ supports most of the widely spoken languages in the world including English, Chinese, Japanese, German and French.

Phrase Matching

SearchIQ is context aware, understanding the difference in meaning between discreet words and connected phrases.

Real-Time Analytics

Get actionable data about your audience and your content including data on how and what they are searching for.

Responsive, Mobile Optimization

SearchIQ automatically optimizes itself to give your audience a seamless cross-device experience.


SearchIQ’s technology is proven at extremely large scales the world over.  The service will remain just as fast with a hundred documents as it will with a million.

Spell Check/Typos

SearchIQ provides inline query suggestions based on other, similar, terms allowing users to find what they are looking for, even if they spelled the keywords wrong.


Synonym aliasing allows for inexact keywords to be matched, e.g. “vacations” and “getaways”.

Thumbnail Support

Images are resized to your specifications and served from a global CDN.

Tunable Results

Tune your search results based on what’s important to your business and users.